The Future is Electric

Mini Electric Dairies - Yo&Mi

The Yo&Mi® line

The machines of the Yo & Mi line pasteurize, cool, mature and cook in perfect hygiene a wide range of dairy, confectionery and gastronomy products. They are used for the production of pasteurized drinking milk, fresh artisan yogurt, creams, puddings, cheeses, cream cheese and much more.

There is the possibility of programming 45 recipes divided by product type. They are complete and easy to use machines with a careful design, both from a functional and aesthetic point of view, with excellent accident prevention and high performance.

The programming of the production cycle is carried out with a PLC by means of a color touch-screen display integrated into the machine, which is easy to read and interpret.

Why choose Plastitalia group

Small Investment

It is a small investment with high remuneration as it guarantees the possibility of giving a high added value to processed milk

Energy Saving and Low Environmental Impact

The equipment of our Yo & Mi line produces in full respect of the environment, as they are powered by electricity that can also be taken from renewable sources. Being completely programmable, they are able to produce independently. The same integrated cooling system does not require water and allows considerable energy savings, all for the benefit of the environment and the reduction of costs in the bill.

Safeguarding of Small Local Economies

Today, consumer tastes are moving towards genuine products with low environmental impact, capable of enhancing the short supply chain and km 0. We allow you to eliminate intermediate passages that are qualitatively and economically inconvenient, so as to obtain a lasting competitive advantage on the market .

Industry 4.0

The machines of the Yo & Mi line respond to the most modern concept of smart factories since they are machines programmable from touch-screen monitors, controllable via wi-fi device by the operator, powered by electricity that can be taken from photovoltaic systems and do not emit polluting substances respecting the environment.

Functionality of the Machines Yo&mi

  • Guided programming of the production cycle from a touch-screen color display;
  • Software for data logging for traceability and ASL controls downloadable on PC via USB or Wi-Fi network.
  • Multi-purpose production of pasteurized milk, yogurt and various dairy, confectionery and gastronomy products;
  • Automatic production cycles;
  • User friendly recipe programming;
  • Integrated dosing and packaging systems