We design and build a line of machinery and equipment for the coagulation and transformation of milk.

Mini gas pasteurizers with water cavity for the transformation of milk into ricotta or any type of cheese obtained from bain-marie heating and cooling processes that can transform from 70 liters up to more demanding 390 liters, with the possibility of carry out even more processing cycles per day.

Mini Multi-purpose steam or hot water, from a capacity of 200 liters up to 1000 liters per cycle. These machines are complete with thermal insulation thanks to the realization of high insulating thermal insulation material. They are specific machines for pasteurization, refrigeration and coagulation of milk with the possibility of producing ricotta and many different types of cheese.

The multi-purpose cradles instead range from a capacity of 300 liters to a capacity of 1200 liters. They are available with a single wall, thermally insulated and with a heating interstice. They can be equipped with a drain valve, a manual stirring system and a curd cutting system. It is also possible to integrate the multi-purpose unit with a curd tilting system.

Other complementary equipment is also available, such as trolleys and chests for stewing cheeses in different sizes, with a dial thermometer for temperature control and, on request, with an automatic kit for even more thorough control of the process.

The curd tilters are composed of a supporting base frame supporting the rotation mechanism, including the clamps for clamping the stack. These machines are designed to overturn the cheese curd into mold blocks or individual molds. They do not in any way alter the traditional manual tipping operations, but they shorten the time for craft procedures.

They are available in different types according to the degree of automation required for the process: semi-automatic tilters and manual tilters.

Various accessories are also available for completing the rollover line for more efficient organization of operations.



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