for the curd dosing phase, we realize mould for differents shapes of cheese, so adequate to different cheese typologies, with release holes borned to optimize the serum drainage and totally made with food grade polypropylene.

The form filling system structured in mold blocks allows a considerable simplification and speeding up of the production phase, reducing the incidence of labor on the process. The mold blocks have the possibility of being stacked, thanks to
their special hooking system on the bottom, or they can be interspersed with the special tipping trays. For an efficient filling of the molds, the blocks are placed in stainless steel curd distributor that convey the curd inside the shape with ease and precision.

We create customized curd dosing systems that can be designed with different degrees of automation according to the production needs of the dairy. The curd dosing lines, although they are made-to-measure lines, are divided into 3 categories:
Manual dosing systems, semi-automatic dosing systems and automatic dosing systems.




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