Manual curd dosing system LMP SERIES LINES
LAP SERIES automatic curd dosing systems
LSAP series semi-automatic curd dosing systems
Manual agitator d.170
Cabinet with sliding doors in stainless steel
Changing room double cabinet
Changing room single cabinet
Tipping pallet on foot for VS1 and VS3 trays
Pallet on wheels for tipping machines for trays VS1 & VS3
Rack pallet PGR10NEW
Rack pallet PGRF
Scale with ramp for machines YZ640/1280/2100
Mould block with mould 110 x 80
Mould block with mould 120 x 100
Mould block with mould 170×170
Mould block with mould 190 x 190
Mould block with mould 250 x 100
Block mould with mould diam.120

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