Fuscella gr 250 with handle and lining

Spindle with vertical stripe for the drainage of the serum, complete with handle for the extraction from the container, particularly suitable for products such as squacquerone or other soft and soft cheeses.

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Additional information


275 ml

Technical details

Raw material: Polypropylene
Color: White / Pink
Volume: 275 ml
Height: 60 mm
Upper diameter: 89 mm
Bottom diameter: 70 mm

Packaging data

Packaging: ISCA002, Cardboard boxes | Lenght (mm): 600 | Width (mm): 400 | Height (mm): 400 | Volume (m3): 0,096 | Weight Gross (Kg):15 | Pieces per Box (nr): 1568

Pallet: IPAN03/V | Wooden pallet EPAL | Height(cm): 220 | Weight (kg): 320 | Boxes per pallet (nr): 20 | Volume (m3): 2,112 Pieces per pallet: 31360


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