Fuscellina cuore gr 50-70

A heart-shaped heart-shaped fuscellin for ricotta or other types of fresh cheese. It is an original idea to differentiate yourself during the holidays to be offered to hotels, restaurants, catering and in the gastronomy counter.

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Additional information


80 ml

Technical details

Raw material: Polypropylene
Color: Transparent
Volume: 80 ml
Height: 50 mm

Packaging data

Packaging: ISCA002, Cardboard boxes | Lenght (mm): 600 | Width (mm): 400 | Height (mm): 400 | Volume (m3): 0,096 | Weight Gross (Kg): 11 | Pieces per Box (nr): 2000

Pallet: IPAN03/V | Wooden pallet EPAL sizes cm 80X120 | Height(cm): 180 | Weight (kg): 186 | Boxes per pallet (nr): 16 | Volume (m3): 1,776 | Pieces per pallet (nr): 32000


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