Rectangular container Eurobox ml 4200

The containers Eurobox are superimposable on each other, once packed and heat- sealed. Thanks to the particular holes system, it can superimpose containers, without damaging the contents food. This feature allow to form stacks of containers directly on standard dimensions pallets, without the need for additional containment systems, with a considerable reduction of packaging costs.

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Additional information


4200 ml

Technical details

Raw Material: Polypropylene
Color: Transparent
Volume: 4200 ml
Height: 77 mm
Width: 260 mm
Length: 293 mm

Packaging data

Pallet: IPAN03/V ,Wooden pallet EPAL | Height (cm):160 | Weight (kg): 146 | Volume (m3): 1,54 | Pieces per pallet (nr): 1200


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