Two companies, one group. We work in synergy to find cutting-edge solutions for dairy and food companies.


“Our packaging solutions for your cheese and quality food.”


“Cutting-edge machines, plants and equipment for the small Dairy and the dairy industry..”

Two companies, one group.

“At Plastitalia we work in synergy to find cutting-edge solutions for dairy and food companies.

Our goal has always been to be a partner for our customers by offering cutting-edge solutions for the food industry. We are specialized above all in dairy products, where we have been present for over 30 years. We design and produce ad hoc packaging solutions and automatic and semi-automatic milk processing machines, designed to meet the needs of farms up to large-scale industrial dairy production.

Why choose Plastitalia group

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we solve the most complex needs thanks to the production and interior design departments

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of our products and services according to your business

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Innovation freedom

highly qualified staff to support your ideas

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in the dairy and food sector


Technology 4.0

always in step with new technologies



we use clean energy from our photovoltaic systems


Made in Florence

production strictly on Italian and Florentine soil

Plastitalia Packaging

“Our packaging solutions for your cheese and quality food.”


Plastitalia Packaging has a complete standard assortment of plastic packaging, suitable for medium-large dairy companies, but also functional for small artisan companies.
Our customers have the opportunity to create innovative packaging and follow market trends in a dynamic and proactive way thanks to our mold design and construction department. Our workshop is led by expert staff, which gives us the flexibility and freedom to create the matrices internally to customize our packaging.
The Shrink Sleeve technologies, carried out by means of a thermo-retracted tubular label on the container wrapping the entire surface, and In Mold Labeling, performed by a label co-molded in the container during the injection of the same, allow us to customize the packaging also graphically.

Plastitalia Industrial

“Cutting-edge machines, plants and equipment for the small Dairy and the dairy industry.”


Plastitalia Sistemi has always been linked to the Mugello area in which it developed, a valley with a historical dairy tradition and a capillary fabric of small milk and cheese producers. We design and manufacture machinery for mini-factories with limited space, to the point of planning and building structured milk processing systems for medium-large companies.
We are also the first in the world to have developed a line of totally electric pasteurizing machines (brand YO & Mi®) that did not exist on the market for milk processing. They respond to the need to maintain artisanal and traditional dairy processes with zero structural investments for the dairy. YO & MI® machines are user-friendly, easily usable through a brief training, totally electric, pasteurizing and programmable remotely via wi-fi.
Ideal for the production of pasteurized milk, cheeses, ricotta, yogurt and any milk-based product.

Thanks to the fexibility and dynamism of the context in which Plastitalia Sistemi operates, and having its own internal technical department, the productions follow the specific needs of the customer, required by small, medium and large companies.

YO&MI brand.
Fully electric and wireless milk processing machines

PLASTITALIA SISTEMI owner of the YO&MI brand builds and commercialize a line of totally electric automatic and pasteurizing machines for milk processing.
The range includes machines from lt. 15 up to 200 liters / cycle.
The project also includes the supply of all technological processing aids, such as ferments, rennet, semi-finished yoghurt products under the VITALFOOD brand, as well as specific items for the “packaging” of the products.
YO&MI are not just machines but a complete project with know-how for milk processing and technological training on products.

PLASTITALIA srl and PLASTITALIA SISTEMI srl operate with their own management system compliant with ISO 9001/2008 standards

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