Containers Decoration

We are able to carry out the decoration of the containers with graphics and personalized texts through innovative and functional methods: Shrink sleeve label, co-printed label with four-color IML technology or specific adhesive label for food.

Shrink Sleeve tecnology

The decorated plastic tubular film is applied to the container due to the heat shrinking effect, this way the film adapts perfectly to the shape of the container and becomes an integral part of it. This method of applying the label guarantees the maximum decoration surface and efficacy for brilliance and high definition.

IML Tecnology (In-Mould Labelling)

Combine the decoration process with the container molding process, the label becomes an integral part of the final container making it elegant. This methodology allows you to customize and decorate the items directly during the production phase of the container, creating products with high wear resistance and totally recyclable. Operationally, the label is placed in the steel matrix by a mechanical hand and is incorporated into the container through the plastic injection process.

Adhesive label

It is printed in offset or digitally in high definition, even in small runs. This type of packaging decoration is recommended for affixing labels to closures and caps, but can also be used for containers in general.

Container labels