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155 ml transparent heat-sealable glass, customizable with Sleeve label.

Pieces per box: n. 1125

155 ml transparent heat-sealable glass for yoghurt, puddings, panna cotta, dessert, single-portion ricotta cheese, sauces and snacks. Customizable with Sleeve label.

Weight 25 kg

155 ml

Raw material: Polypropylene
Color: Transparent
Decorative Techniques: Sleeve, stickers
Volume: 155 ml
Height: 68,5 mm
Upper diameter: 70 mm

ackaging: Cardboard boxes | Lenght (mm):580 | Width (mm):400 | Height (mm):515 | Volume (m3):0,12 | Weight Gross (Kg):17,3 | Pieces per Box (nr): 1125

Pallet:IPAN03/V | Wooden pallet EPAL sizes cm 80X120 | Height(cm):225 | Weight (kg):296,8 | Boxes per pallet (nr):16 | Volume (m3):2,16 | Pieces per pallet (nr): 18000

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