Electric steam generator


Horizontal tube steam generator.

Models with steam production: 20/30/40 kg/h;

Power: 13.840/ 20.760/ 27.680 kcal/h;

Pressure: 5 bar.

Licensed operator not required.

  • Electric steam generator 20kg/h e-16 – 13.840 Kcal/h cod. V5GEN-EL01
  • Electric steam generator 30kg/h e-24 – 20.760 Kcal/h cod. V5GEN-EL02
  • Electric steam generator 40kg/h e-32 – 27.680 Kcal/h cod. V5GEN-EL03

Steam generator optionals:

  • Kit for transformation of methane into LPG cod. V5GEN-KIT01
  • Kit for trolley version cod. V5GEN-KIT02
  • Kit for automatic discharge cod. V5GEN-KIT03
  • Kit for automatic start and stope cod. V5GEN-KIT04
  • Kit for forced movement cod. V5GEN-KIT05