Semiautomatic counter capper for milk bottles and glass jars

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The semiautomatic counter capper is used to close plastic pre-lit caps for milk bottles and twist off type capsules on cylindrical containers of various sizes.

It works with compressed air and is operated by the operator on both buttons on the sides of the capppatore itself.

Small and handy, can close jars and bottles with a maximum height of up to 250 mm and a max container of 120 mm.

Versatility of this machine is expressed through the ability to adjust the rate of descent of the screwdriver, the clamping force of the vessel and the possibility to adjust the force of the tightening head.

At the time of changing the container it is sufficient to change the tightening head.

  • Compressed air: 6 bar;
  • Dimensions and volume: L 350xL350xH700
  • Weight:15 kg;
  • Safety: bi manual.