Stainless steel sink & cupboard

Sink and draining board

Equipped with undersink shelf with sliding door

Swivel faucet with flexible hose and pedal

Swivel faucet with lever

Dimensions and drip position:

  • dripper right 1000x600xh1000 – cod. V4ALAV01DX
  • dripper left 1000x600xh1000 – cod. V4ALAV01SX
  • dripper right 1200x600xh1000 – cod. V4ALAV02DX
  • dripper left 1200x600xh1000 – cod. V4ALAV02SX
  • dripper right 1400x600xh1000 – cod. V4ALAV03DX
  • dripper left 1400x600xh1000 – cod. V4ALAV03SX
  • dripper right 1600x600xh1000 – cod. V4ALAV04DX
  • dripper left 1600x600xh1000 – cod. V4ALAV04SX