Volumetric dosing machine for milk, yogurt nd fruit preparations in puree or pieces

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The machine can dose creamy yogurt, drinks and all the semi-dense food products.

Dosage: from 50 cc to 6 kg

Made of stainless steel AISI 304

The dosage is carried out using sanitary pump at low number of turns, electronically controlled by PLC

Inverter for dosing speed regulation

Electronically controlled and certified weighing

Dosing nozzle

Piping in contact with food, certified FAD

Semi-automatic operation with manual insertion and extraction of containers or bottles

Suction directly from the storage tank, by the machine valve YZ machine, or from its hopper, without using additional pumps Semi-automatic volumetric dosing machine for all dense or semi-dense products including fruit preparations for yogurt in pieces or puree.

Made entirely of AISI 304 steel.

Complete of:

  • Hopper with lid
  • Rotary conical valve for dosing dense products with pieces
  • Nozzle
  • Selector that activates the repetition logic of strokes for the rinse cycle

Dosage volumes:

  • 1cc – 38cc cod. V5LYOFILL38
  • 2cc – 48cc cod. V5LYOFILL48
  • 2cc- 100 cc cod. V5LYOFIL100
  • 5 cc – 250 cc cod. V5LYOFILL250
  • 20 cc – 700 cc cod. V5LYOFILL700
  • 50cc – 1500 cc cod. V5LYOFILL1500
  • 50cc – 1500 cc cod. V5LYOFILL1500-L (for milk)
  • Anti-foam kit for milk
  • Special nozzle for burrata
  • Pipe connection directly from the tank to the dosing machine