Yomi-ICE Horizontal Table Freezer 5kg


Professional ice cream machine YOMI-ICE is equipped with a sophisticated software that manages its operation.

The user, in addition to the normal manual functions, has at his disposal:

  • 4 Specific creaming programmes (Gelato Classico – Gelato Semi-soft – Granita – Abbattimento rapido).
  • 4 Specific storage programmes that can be selected according to the different needs and characteristics of the product.

These automatic programs, in addition to ensuring the optimal result, make the machine completely autonomous, leaving the user free to devote himself to other activities.

Easy cleaning from the drain tap.

Body in stainless steel, blade in stainless steel with adjustable and replaceable rasping.

  • Notching machine dimensions: 465x480x395 mm
  • Packing Size: 600x580x570 mm
  • Production per cycle: Every 12-15 minutes about 1.25 kg (1.3 qt)
  • Production per hour: 5 kg
  • Net weight: 34 kg.
  • Gross weight: 40 kg