LAP SERIES automatic curd dosing systems


The curd dosing lines work using PLASTITALIA mould blocks without the use of steel or plastic trays for mechanization as usual similar systems in the sector.

It is possible to make several types of cheese with the same system in a simple way and economical using blocks with moulds of various diameters and types of cheese Fresh, for soft, semi-hard or semi-hard cheese.

The line consists of an automatic transfer system on which the die blocks are transported to the curd dosing station on the line.

Various methods are proposed for the determination of the curd in the moulds, depending on the customer processing requirements.

The length of the line is calculated on the basis of the technical time required by the process.

It is possible to insert at the end of the line an automatic stacker of solid mould blocks, ready to be transferred to automatic or manual tipping machines.

The line is fully managed by the operator, via a control panel and control over which manual operations and automatic cycle can be selected.

The transfer of the curd from the polyvalent to the moulds takes place in a traditional way by gravity;

A special modulating valve (brev. Plastitalia) inserted after the multipurpose allows to regulate the flow and the capacity of the curd in the moulds to avoid spoiling the consistency and the type of cut.