Manual curd dosing system LMP SERIES LINES


Plastitalia’s manual curd dosing lines are specially designed for combine the convenience of using mould blocks with traditional processing.

The mould blocks can be easily inserted and extracted thanks to the folding side.

It is a dosing system that can be used both in small dairy and large industry dairy.

  • The frame and the tank are made of AISI 304 stainless steel sheet;
  • the sliding tracks.
  • The mould blocks are made of food-grade polyethylene.

Manual curd dosing lines are available in many sizes and are all customized according to the workings of each customer.


  • foldable tailgate for insertion and exit of mould blocks.
  • DN sanitary discharge with butterfly valve.
  • moulded bottom to allow complete unloading,
  • removable perforated sheet metal scrap recovery system
  • polyamide and polyurethane swivel wheels with stainless steel roller supports, two of which are braked.
  • comply with the applicable CE marking directives and instructions.