Mould-block holder trolley LMP with collapsible sides


The Plastitalia manual Line are specially designed to combine the convenient use of mould blocks with the ease of traditional processing.

Their versatility makes them effective both in small and in large dairies. Built in stainless steel AISI 304 sheet with tracks for the sliding of the mould blocks and supplied with collapsible sides for insertion and removal of the blocks, shaped bottom for a complete draining of whey with sanitary valve, recovery of curd scraps with removable filter, fixed and swivel and braking wheels and curd distribution hoppers in stainless steel.

Number of mold-blocks:

  • Trolley for 10 mould-blocks with collapsible sides cod. V4ACAR242A-000-00
  • Trolley for 8 mould-blocks with collapsible sides cod. V4ACAR241A-000-00
  • Trolley for 6 mould-blocks with collapsible sides cod.V4ACAR243A-000-00