Semi-automatic cheese tipping machine

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The machine is made entirely of stainless steel AISI 304, and is composed of: sturdy base frame.

Gripping system:

  • The stacks of mould blocks are clamped by pneumatic grippers.
  • The pneumatic system is positioned within the rotating parts and is equipped with pneumatic fail-safe mechanisms (the system remains under pressure even with abrupt power failure).

Turining system:

  • The wide-ranging tipping guide is positioned at the back of the machine and is manually controlled by the operator.

Roll protection bar:

  • Made of tubular stainless steel AISI 304, it delimits and makes inaccessible the area of the lateral range of the machine.


  • Outer dimensions: mm. 2,140 x 2,030 x H 1,740.
  • Air Supply: 6 BAR.
  • Meets legal requirements of Directive 89/392 /EEC and amendments 91/368/EEC,, 93/44/EEC, 93/68/ EEC.
  • Compliance with UNI-EN 1672-2.
  • Pneumatic feed pressure: 6 bar
  • Length: mm 2140
  • Width: mm 2030
  • Height: mm1740