Manual cheese tipping machine

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This machine is entirely made of stainless steel AISI 304, and is composed of a supporting base frame, which supports all the rotating mechanical parts.

Gripping system:

The stacks of mould blocks are clamped by pneumatic grippers.

The pneumatic system is positioned within the rotating parts and is equipped with pneumatic fail-safe mechanisms (the system remains under pressure even with abrupt power failure).

Turning system:

The wide-ranging tipping guide is positioned at the back of the machine and is manuall controlled by the operator.

Work cycle:

The stack of mould blocks is placed in the flipper and the grippers are tightened.

The guide then overturns the stack and the grippers reopen to allow removal of the inverted stack.

  • Pneumatic feed pressure: 6 bar
  • Length: mm 1410
  • Width: mm 1188
  • Height: mm 1410