Mini Polyvalent on the ground

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The mini polyvalent on the ground is particularly suitable for the production of cheese in general and ricotta.

Made of stainless steel AISI 304 Double-row boiler of the vertical cylindrical type on feet.

The cavity is built in double circuit to allow separate heating and cooling both on the bottom and on the planking.

For its particular construction is possible heating with steam or hot water, thus avoiding heating with direct steam on product.

Complete of:

  • Thermal insulation made of material thermal insulation with high insulating power;
  • No. 4 support feet adjustable in height complete with basic rosettes;
  • Total exhaust with butterfly valve DN65;
  • Feed-down and steam regulation or hot/cold water on each individual circuit, each composed of:
    • Flanges of connection;
    • Shut-off and control valve;
    • Safety valve;
    • Hedgehog and manometer.


  • 240 litri – V5LMPOL-LT200-000-00
  • 315 litri – V5LMPOL-LT300-000-00
  • 400 litri – V5LMPOL-LT400-000-00
  • 450 litri – V5LMPOL-LT450-000-00
  • 500 litri – V5LMPOL-LT500-000-00
  • 615 litri – V5LMPOL-LT600-000-00
  • 800 litri – V5LMPOL-LT800-000-00