Multifunctional Automatic Machine YZ 1280 Caseus 4.0 Full Electric


Gross capacity: LT 128

Working capacity: LT 120

The YZ 1280 YO&MI machine pasteurizes, cools, matures and cooks a wide range of dairy products in perfect hygiene: pasteurized milk, homemade liquid, compact and creamy yogurt, desserts and ice cream base, soft and spreadable cheeses, fresh and semi-aged cheeses, ricotta cheese, mozzarella and spun pastes etc.

It is a complete and easy to use machine.

It can treat from a minimum of 40 liters to a maximum of 120 liters of food product.

Working temperature from + 4°C to + 90°C.

The machine is mounted on wheels to work on several workstations in the laboratory.

Just connect the electrical socket to the machine and it is ready to work.

All data can be transferred to a computer by USB port and its key or via a company ETHERNET NETWORK / or remotely via a WI-FI connection.

  • Loading of milk inside the vat;
  • Selection of the production cycle
  • Milk processing in the selected product
  • Preservation or extraction of the product
  • Dimension: L x P x H (worktop) 900 x 1435 x 1530 m
  • Weight: n.d.
  • Maximum capacity: 120 liters
  • Power: 12,5 KW
  • Power supply: 400V + N + T / 50 Hz
  • Hand made in Florence (Italy)
  • Special yogurt shovel
  • Reduced discharge valve
  • Process data recording system with dedicated software with data export via USB key on PC