Multifunctional Automatic Machine YZ 750 Wireless – 4.0 Full Electric

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Multi-purpose pasteurizing machine with control system and wireless interconnection.

Designed and built for milk transformation into dairy products, such as pasteurized milk – fresh homemade yogurt – lactic coagulation and rennet cheeses – creams – puddings – cheese creams – spun pastries, – mozzarella and ricotta, etc.

It can treat from a minimum of 25 lt to a maximum of 75 lt of food product.

Working temperature from + 4°C to + 90°C.

  • Built entirely in Italy.
  • New design and new enhanced software YO&MI SMART
  • Enhanced touch screen display
  • Module for WIFI interconnection
  • Remote assistance by the operator
  • Remote control app for Tablet/Smartphone
  • Process data recorder
  • Better energy efficiency
  • Easy and intuitive use.

All data can be transferred to a computer by USB port and its key or via a company ETHERNET NETWORK / or remotely via a WI-FI connection.

Just plug the electricity into the machine’s socket and it’s ready to work.

  • Dimension L x P x H (worktop) 1500 x 820 x 1400 mm
  • Weight: 200 Kg.
  • Maximum capacity: 75 liters
  • Power: 6,5 KW
  • Power supply: 3F + N + T 400 V/ 50 Hz.
  • Hand made in Florence (Italy)